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Nona ginger milk tea 4 in 1 12 x 28g

MYR 13.80
Nona ginger milk tea 4 in 1 12x28g

Nona ginger classic drink jar 24 x 300g

MYR 259.45
Nona ginger classic drink jar 24x300g

Nona ginger classic drink 24 x 200g

MYR 158.70
Nona ginger classic drink 24x200g

Boh teh harimau tea dust 10 x 1kg

MYR 139.40
BOH Teh Harimau tea dust 10x1kg

Boh tarik 10 x 1kg

MYR 161.00
BOH tarik 10x1kg

Boh green tea latte 24 x 12's x 27g

MYR 362.10
BOH green tea latte 24x12'sx27g

Boh double chamber 144 x 25tb

MYR 596.15
BOH Double Chamber 144x25tb

Boh potbags 30 x 120pb

MYR 385.00
BOH potbags 30x120pb

Boh potbags 16 x 10 x 20pb

MYR 417.70
BOH potbags 16x10x20pb

Boh potbags 32 x 10 x 10pb

MYR 448.95
BOH potbags 32x10x10pb

Boh tea 20's x 500g

MYR 228.60
BOH tea 20'sx500g

Boh double chamber jasmine green tea 24 x 50tb

MYR 243.45
BOH Double Chamber Jasmine Green Tea 24x50tb