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Zaiyadal kurma ajwa (ajwa dates) 8 x 800g

MYR 680.00

Zaiyadal Kurma Ajwa (Ajwa Dates) 8 x 800g

Zaiyadal fresh figs (buah tin segar) 250g

MYR 15.00

Zaiyadal Fresh Figs (Buah Tin Segar) 250g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma safawi madinah (pouch pack) 24 x 300g

MYR 324.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Safawi Madinah (Pouch Pack) 24 x 300g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma madu yuta 12 x 500g

MYR 138.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Madu Yuta 12 x 500g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma wasem 12 x 500g

MYR 138.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Wasem 12 x 500g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma safina 12 x 500Gg

MYR 138.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Safina 12 x 500Gg

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma desert palm bertangkai tunisia 16 x 300g

MYR 138.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Desert Palm Bertangkai Tunisia 16 x 300g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma marya bertangkai tunisia 12 x 400g

MYR 126.00

Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Marya Bertangkai Tunisia 12 x 400g

Yusuf taiyoob-kurma safia bertangkai tunisia 12 x 500g

MYR 150.00
Yusuf Taiyoob-Kurma Safia Bertangkai Tunisia 12 x 500g