ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to the MCO 3.0, please expect a delay in delivery. We will resume the delivery as soon as we can once the MCO has been lifted.

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Erico's minyak sapi 12 x 800g

MYR 552.00
Erico's Minyak Sapi 12x800g

Alzara minyak sapi 60 x 150g

MYR 213.90
Alzara Minyak Sapi 60x150g

Erico's minyak sapi 60 x 125g

MYR 541.65
Erico's Minyak Sapi 60x125g

Erico's minyak sapi 24 x 400g

MYR 557.50
Erico's Minyak Sapi 24x400g

Alzara minyak sapi 24 x 500g

MYR 213.90
Alzara Minyak Sapi 24x500g

Alzara minyak sapi 12 x 1kg

MYR 213.20
Alzara Minyak Sapi 12x1kg

Pelangi margerine (unreturn) 12x1kg

MYR 74.75
Pelangi Margerine(unreturn) 12x1kg

Planta margarine new 6 x 2.5kg

MYR 189.55
Planta Margarine new ug 6x2.5kg

Planta margarine new 12 x 1kg

MYR 181.50
Planta Margarine new ug 12x1kg

Planta margarine new ug 24x480g

MYR 223.55
Planta Margarine new ug 24x480g

Planta margarine new ug 36x240g

MYR 198.70
Planta Margarine new ug 36x240g

Nestle full cream uht 12 x 1l

MYR 6.70

Nestle Full Cream UHT 12 x 1L